She Under Water

Jewelry Designer Artist

Welcome to the captivating world of she.underwater, where artistry meets nature, and every creation tells a unique story and it’s narrated by me, Ana.

Handmade products

My unique selection of special products made with love and loving nature


inspired, ingenuity

From meticulously curated photo shoots to channels with my art

Crafting visual narratives that bring to life the experiences imbued in my creations.

Unveiling beauty through handcrafted jewels.

Discover Artistry in Every Detail

Unveil the magic within each meticulously crafted piece at She Underwater. Every stitch, every design, tells a story of dedication and love. Dive into a world where creativity knows no bounds, and discover the essence of handmade elegance.

Immerse Yourself in She Underwater's World

Explore the She Underwater universe, where craftsmanship passion meets a love for the unique. Whether you’re here to shop or inquire, you’re not just engaging with products; you’re connecting with a journey, a story, and a soul. Welcome to the heart of She Underwater, where art comes to life.

Explore inside the unique creations inpired in nature of the world of she.underwater

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