About Me

Unveiling the Depths of Sheunderwater’s Journey

Welcome to the enchanting realm of She Underwater, where every creation is a dance between imagination and craftsmanship. I’m Ana, the heart and soul behind this ocean of artistry.

My journey began with a simple desire—to infuse life into inanimate materials, to create poetry with every stitch, and to breathe soul into every design. Sheunderwater emerged from this passion, a space where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary.

In the depths of my studio, surrounded by the whispers of creativity, each piece comes to life as a unique story waiting to be told. It’s not just about jewelry; it’s a narrative crafted with love, dedication, and a touch of magic. As you explore these creations, you’re not just purchasing an accessory; you’re adopting a piece of my journey.

Hi! I’m Ane, and…

Sheunderwater is more than a collection of crafted treasures; it’s an invitation. An invitation for you to immerse yourself in a world where artistry knows no bounds.


Whether you’re here to find that perfect piece or seeking a collaboration that transcends traditional promotion, this space is yours to discover.

Artisan Jeweler in Barcelona and brand ambassador

Do you need a custom design? Very easy, contact me and ask about availability to reserve the design you most want.

Modeling the form of nature through my essence

So, let’s dive in together. Explore the shop and discover the intricacies of handcrafted elegance or venture into the collaboration page and let’s weave your brand into the tapestry of Sheunderwater’s artistic vision.

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