Do you want us to share a publication of each one in our stories to help us have more visibility?  🙂

I usually do it with more artists similar to me and it works very well, it’s a way of supporting each other.

How is it works?


The store sends me a free product and I appear in one of my photographs with that garment (the photographs are taken with my professional photographer) then in the same photo I tag your instagram


  • As I have more than 10,000 followers, Instagram allows me to put a direct link to your web or etsy store in my story where I would also upload the photo
  • As I am going to collaborate with different stores you will get a lot of visualization in a large focus of 23,000 people 🙂
  • The edition and the final promotion is my job; I invest a lot in it
  • Between 2 and 3 publications in the feed will remain permanently with your product tagging in the photo plus in the comment, several stories with your product and direct link to your store and future promotions of your future new creations in my story

My form of payment is by giving you a large focus of people 23,000 people with 3 years of work who will see your creation, my form of payment is by getting the professional photographer and the professional makeup artist to invest my time in carrying out the session, gasoline for the trip, edit the photographs and promote them all for free, that is my form of payment

Normally the shipping is covered by the store, my part of the work in the collaboration is:

1. 📸 Create the photo shoot 

2. 🌟 Edit the photographs and videos

3. 🌈 Promote the product in the future I will share in my stories for 1 month its next 

My Collabs

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