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Description: Handmade bronze-colored copper earrings with a natural tiger’s eye stone. You have two versions, one in LIGHT GOLD and BRONZE.

Inspiration: Inspired by the SAMODIVAS, they are nymphs from the Balkan Forests, the Samodivas are characters from the mythology of Eastern Europe.


A rustic charm, from other times and of great artisanal quality, it is more than a simple jewel; it’s magic.


Notice for multiple purchases: Before purchasing more than one unit of my individual handcrafted pieces, please check the amount of stock available. You can select 2 units, but there may only be 1 unit available. If you wish to purchase more units than are in stock, please place an additional order for the product once payment is confirmed.

IMPORTANT: My unique pieces may show slight variations from the photos, capturing the authentic charm of the craftsmanship. Thank you for your understanding and happy shopping!

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